Custom embroidery


Embroidery is one of the highest quality textile finishes,
where up to 11 colors can be used without major additional costs.
The flexible embroidery process makes it possible to embroider a wide variety of products in different positions.
By embroidering the thread close together, certain elevation of the motif is created, which gives a very high-quality and noble impression with a special feel.
At the same time, the embroidered motif is very durable, even after several washes at higher temperatures.

Our company has 32 years of experience in machine embroidery. Our highly trained team guarantees the fast completion of orders and high quality of our work. With our embroidery development team in house, wee can embroider on any kind of textile or knitted material with any composition or weight. Embroidery on leather is also possible. Our company has 55 embroidery heads on which, in addition to classic, cut embroidery and strip stitch embroidery can be done. We use high-quality multi-head automatic machines, which allow working with up to 11 thread colors and have high productivity. Machine embroidery makes it possible to produce large quantities in a short time. Embroidery is possible on all fabrics, including finished products.


We have all types of threads and colors: metallic, polyester, silk, reflective, fire and heat resistant threads, mélange threads, wool threads, and more.. We work with Madeira Thread and Isacord Embroidery Thread, if you need your embroidery in exactly specified colors, it is best to give us the Madeira Polyneion/ Isacord color catalog number. Polyester threads are preferred for embroidery, especially when a high colour-fastness that can withstand chlorine is required. These durable threads have outstanding mechanical and chemical resistance.

We have experience with:

  • Collar Embroidery
  • Chest and back Embroidery
  • Tie Embroidery
  • Caps: front, back and side
  • Full and partial embroidery motifs
  • Individual Name Embroidery
  • Monogram Embroidery
  • Combined Embroidery
  • Embroidery of Sport Bags
  • Embroidery on Tote Bags
  • Embroidery on Socks
  • Embroidery on Towels
  • Embroidery on Blankets
  • Baptismal Blankets
  • Embroidery on Workwear
  • Embroidery on Aprons
  • Embroidery on Scrubs
  • Embroidery on Tops
  • Embroidery on Yaki-Tshirts
  • Embroidery on Blouses
  • Embroidery on Jeans
  • Embroidery on Pullovers
  • Embroidery on Dresses
  • Embroidery on Sweathers
  • Embroidery on Hoodies
  • Embroidery on Bombers
  • Embroidery on Jackets
  • Embroidery on Baby Bodysuits

Personalised Workwear For Your Company

If you’re looking for customised workwear then the best way to achieve this is to embroider a logo on your uniforms. Embroidered logos add value and quality to any workwear. The embroidery provides for intricate designs to be recreated with up to 11 colours enhancing the overall look and feel.



What are the design file requirements for embroidery?
For embroidery, you have the flexibility to submit a wide range of image file types, and they are generally suitable for digitization. We recommend sending files in PNG or AI format for embroidery purposes. When you share your artwork with us for embroidering your T-shirt or other garments, our team will convert it into a specialized file format that can be interpreted by the embroidery machine. This process is called digitization.
What is the best material to embroider on?
Can I provide my own artwork or logo for embroidery?
Are there any limitations on the size or complexity of the design for embroidery?


Can I choose the thread colors for my embroidery design?
What types of garments or items can be embroidered?
How long does the embroidery typically last? Is it durable and machine washable?
Can I see a sample or proof of my embroidery design before the production process?
Yes, you can see a sample or proof of your embroidery design before the production process begins. We offer a digital proof or a physical sample for approval, especially for custom or complex designs.

Describe the goals you have in mind!